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Table 2 Two-way PERMONAVA results regarding community structure

From: Benthic molluscan macrofauna structure in heavily trawled sediments (Thermaikos Gulf, North Aegean Sea): spatiotemporal patterns

Source of variation df SS MS Pseudo-F p
Sampling period 2 3792.8813 1896.44061 1.0132 0.5024
Station (Sampling period) 6 11230.8464 1871.8077 1.9420 0.0001*
Residual 18 37962.2111 790.8794   
Total 26 191573.6451    
  1. Summary of results of two-way PERMONAVA with respect to the temporal (three levels: prior to trawling period, 30 and 120 days after intense bottom trawling period) and spatial (three levels: station IP-10, IP-17 and IP-38) variation components of benthic community structure (asterisk denotes statistically significant results).