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Table 5 Summary table of molluscan macrofauna response to environmental variation and bottom trawling activity

From: Benthic molluscan macrofauna structure in heavily trawled sediments (Thermaikos Gulf, North Aegean Sea): spatiotemporal patterns

Response Environmental variation Trawling impact
Faunal diversity Spatial patchiness No direct effects
Productivity gradient
Community structure Latitudinal gradient No direct effects
Functional attributes Natural and anthropogenic stressors Dominance of predators
Comparable microphytobenthic biomass Loss of epibenthic herbivores
Trawling induced sediment resuspension Loss of filter feeders
Faunal structure along sediment profiles Dissolved oxygen gradient Alterations in structure
Faunal functionality along sediment profiles Dissolved oxygen gradient Presence of many functional groups deeper in the sediment