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Table 3 Temperature of gametogenesis initiation and gonads’ maturity for C. gigas populations in different localities

From: Gametogenic cycle of Crassostrea gigas in contrasting Mediterranean habitats: marine (Gulf of Tunis) and continental (Bizert lagoon) culture sites

Localities Temperature (°C) References
  Initiation of gametogenesis Gonads maturity  
Woods Hole (USA) 15-18°C 18°C [13]
El Grove, Galicia (Spain) 10°C 16°C [14]
Onagawa Bay, Miyagi (Japan) 8-10°C 16-18°C [15]
La Tremblade (France) 10-12°C   [11]
Malborough Sounds (New Zealand) 12-13°C 15-17°C [16]
Marennes Oléron Bay (France) 8-12°C 16-18°C [17]
Bizert lagoon (Tunisia) 14-15°C 16-20°C [18]
Sonora (Mexico) 14°C   [19]
PP, Gulf of Tunis (Tunisia) 12.7°C 20.2°C Present work
FMB, Bizert lagoon (Tunisia) 22.2°C 19.2°C Present work