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Table 1 List of species of Parartemia and their gross distribution (from [23])

From: A review of the biology of Australian halophilic anostracans (Branchiopoda: Anostraca)

Species Distribution
P. acidiphila [23] Esperance hinterland and northeast Eyre Peninsula
P. auriciforma [23] Inland northwest SA
P. boomeranga [45] Inner northwestern Wheatbelt, WA
P. bicorna [45] Lake Carey in northern Goldfields, WA
P. contracta [21] Northern, central and southern Wheatbelt, WA
P. cylindifera [21] Southern Wheatbelt WA, southern SA
P. extracta [21] Northern and central Wheatbelt, WA
P. informis [21] Northern and central Wheatbelt, WA
P. laticaudata [45] Northwest and central inland WA, southwest NT
P. longicaudata [21] Whole Wheatbelt, including Esperance, WA
P. minuta [44] Inland Qld, western NSW, northeast SA, nw Vic
P. mouritzi [45] Eastern Wheatbelt WA
P. purpurea [45] Esperance hinterland, WA
P. serventyi [21] Eastern Wheatbelt, southern Goldfields, WA
P. triquetra [23] Remote northwest SA
P. veronicae [45] Goldfields, WA
P. yarleensis [23] Central SA
P. zietziana [18] Southern SA, north and west Vic, central Tas
Parartemia species “e” Lake Barlee, WA