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Table 2 List of data standards initiatives

From: Data integration in biological research: an overview

Acronym Name Goal URL PMID
OBO The Open Biological and Establish a set of principles for ontology 17989687
  Biomedical Ontologies development to create a suite of orthogonal   
   interoperable reference ontologies in   
   the biomedical domain   
CDISC Clinical data interchange Establish standards to support the acquisition, 23833735
  standards consortium exchange, submission and archive of   
   clinical research data and metadata   
HUPO-PSI Human Proteome Organisation- Defines community standards for data 16901219
  Proteomics Standards Initiative representation in proteomics to facilitate   
   data comparison, exchange and verification   
GAGH Global Alliance for Genomics Create interoperable approaches to catalyze 24896853
  and Health projects that will help unlock the great   
   potential of genomic data   
COMBINE Computational Modeling Coordinate the development of the various 25759811
  in Biology community standards and formats for   
   computational models   
MSI Metabolomics Standards Define community-agreed reporting 17687353
  Initiative standards, which provided a clear description   
   of the biological system studied and   
   all components of metabolomics studies   
RDA Research Data Alliance Builds the social and technical bridges that  
   enable open sharing of data across multiple   
   scientific disciplines