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Table 1 Sequencing statistics of both the salt treated (SLH-treated) and the control (SLH-control) of S. linearistipularis

From: NaCl stress-induced transcriptomics analysis of Salix linearistipularis (syn. Salix mongolica)

Output statistics SLH-Control SLH-Treated
Total raw reads 27,343,302 28,000,000
Total clean reads 25,748,556 25,697,734
Total clean nucleotides (nt) 2,317,370,040 2,312,796,060
Q20 percentage 98.54 % 98.55 %
N percentage 0.00 % 0.00 %
GC percentage 45.96 % 45.81 %
  1. Where Q20 percentage is proportion of nucleotides with quality value larger than 20 in reads; N percentage is proportion of unknown nucleotides in clean reads. GC percentage is proportion of guanidine and cytosine nucleotides among total nucleotides