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Table 2 Comparison of Raphitoma sophiae n. sp. characteristcs of mature specimens against those of R. densa, R. atropurpurea and R. echinata f. III

From: The family Raphitomidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Conoidea) in the Greek Seas with the description of two new species

Species/characteristics R. sophiae R. densa R. atropurpurea R. echinata f. III
Length/width ratio 2.4–2.5 2.5–2.8 2.6–2.8 2.2–2.4
Number of axial ribs on body whorl 18 18 17–23 15–16
Axial ribs form Very convex Convex Convex Very convex
Number of spiral cords on body whorl 25 19–21 19–21 16–17
Number of spiral cords on the penultimate whorl 10 7–9 8–9 6
Aperture teeth 12 11 11–12 9
Tail Moderately long Short Short Moderately long
Teleoconch microsculpture Smooth Rough (microgranules) Smooth Sandpaper appearance
Subsutural ramp Wide Moderately wide Narrow Very wide
Body whorl curvature Inverted dome shaped Rounded Rounded Inverted dome shaped
Teleoconch color-pattern Randomly placed light brown patches on light beige background Dense patches of dark grey or cerulean on a dull background Uniformly dark brown-purple with white cord as an extension of the suture Randomly placed diffused light brown areas on light beige background
Subsutural ramp radial color brush strokes Present Absent Absent Present
Size (mm) 9.30–15.55 9.60–11.80 8.00–17.00 19.10–21.10