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Table 1 Anthocyanin composition in leaves of B. rapa reddish line Asia (A-genome), resynthesis green B. napus line Rs306, resynthesis red B. napus line Rs035 and B. oleracea red cabbage line Rubea (C-genome) as detected by HPLC

From: Transcriptional regulation of anthocyanin biosynthesis in a high-anthocyanin resynthesized Brassica napus cultivar

Anthocyanin component Anthocyanin levels (mg g−1 dry weight)
Asia Rs306 Rs035 Rubea
Cyanidin3-diglucoside-5-glucoside 0.041 ND 0.235 0.59
Cyanidin3-(sinapoyl)-diglucoside-5-glucoside 0.105 ND 1.630 0.32
Cyanidin3-sophoroside-5-malonylglucoside 0.032 ND 0.070 ND
Malvidin3-(p-coumaroyl)glucoside pyruvic derivative ND ND 0.067 ND
Pelargonidin3-(6-acetyl)-glucoside 0.262 ND 0.256 ND
Cyanidin3-(p-coumaroyl) diglucoside-5-glucoside ND ND ND 0.20
  1. ND not detected