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Table 2 Characteristics of islands and sites of Kastellorizo islet group

From: A contribution to knowledge on the terrestrial malacofauna of the Kastellorizo (Megisti) island group (SE Greece)

IslandsArea (km2)Altitude (m)Habitats
Kastellorizo isl.9.78273 
Site 1, Kastellorizo in and around the village  Cultivations, ruins, pinewood, phrygana, calcareous rocks
Site 2, Kastellorizo 1 km west of the village, north of Vigla Mt.  Phrygana, calcareous rocks
Site 3, Southern part of the island, west of the airport  Phrygana
Site 4, Southern part of the island  Maquis, phrygana, calcareous rocks
Site 5, Navlakas around  Phrygana
Site 6, Agios Stefanos  Abandoned cultivations, phrygana
Site 7, Papalazarou fields  Phrygana, calcareous rocks
Site 8, Limenari gulf  Phrygana
Site 9, Vigla mt., around plateau  Cultivations, phrygana, calcareous rocks
Site 10, Nyftis area  Cultivations, maquis, phrygana, calcareous rocks
Site 11, Castle  Ruins, calcareous rocks
Ro isl.1.5100Cultivations, maquis, phrygana, calcareous rocks
Strongyli isl.0.93197Maquis, phrygana, calcareous rocks
Agios Georgios isl.0.01< 10Cultivations, phrygana
Agrielia isl.0.012< 10Phrygana
Psomi isl.0.00425Maquis
Psoradia isl.0.01< 10Phrygana, ruins