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Table 3 Population distribution features observed by us and their implications for salep production

From: Implications of salep collection for the conservation of the Elder-flowered orchid (Dactylorhiza sambucina) in Epirus, Greece

Site code Extent, L2 (ha) Dimension D (est.) Population N (est.) Potential salep yield (kg)
ANTH 1.76 1.38 188 0.072
ANIL 17.58 1.30 119 0.045
TYMF 1.79 1.26 82 0.031
LAKM 1849.00 1.30 25,751 9.829
  1. The estimate of the extent of Lakmos site was approximate, obtained by finding the extremes of the local population. The fractal dimension, D, was calculated using Eq. (2) and the population, N, using Eq. (3)