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Table 4 Description of sampling sites

From: Implications of salep collection for the conservation of the Elder-flowered orchid (Dactylorhiza sambucina) in Epirus, Greece

Site Code Habitat type Harvest status Altitude (m) and slope Co-occurring orchid species Other species of collection interest
Anilio ANIL Grassland—Beech forest opening Collected 1460
Orchis mascula Satureja montana
Neotinea ustulata Primula veris
Anacamptis morio
Anthochori ANTHO Subalpine meadow Not collected 1541
Gentiana lutea
Primula veris
Sideritis raeseri
Tymfi TYMF Subalpine meadow Collected 1553
Platanthera chlorantha Thymus sp.
Neotinea ustulata Acinos sp.
Anacamptis morio Hypericum sp.
Lakmos LAKM Subalpine meadow Collected 1630
Orchis mascula Gentiana lutea
Neottia ovata Primula veris