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Table 5 Results from interviews conducted at the nearest villages to the selected sampling sites

From: Implications of salep collection for the conservation of the Elder-flowered orchid (Dactylorhiza sambucina) in Epirus, Greece

SiteInformantsUses of D. sambucina
TYMF< 401 11   
40–743 32 1 
ANTH< 40112   2
40–74213   3
ANIL< 402 22   
40–74112  2 
LAKM< 40       
  1. Each line represents answers by one demographic category and how they use D. sambucina. The asterisk (*) refers to a woman who collected commercially in the past, but not currently. Note that “None” in column 8 means that the informants could identify the species but they do not collect it