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Table 5 Drug targets of identified differentially expressed genes

From: Genome-scale meta-analysis of breast cancer datasets identifies promising targets for drug development

Gene Drugs Drug Bank ID FDA approval
PDZK1 Afimoxifene DB04468 Investigational
PDZK1 Raloxifene hydrochloride DB00481 Investigational
PDZK1 Urethane DB04827 Removed
PDZK1 Valproic acid DB00313 Approved
PDZK1 Ciglitazone DB09201 Experimental
PDZK1 Estradiol DB00783 Approved
PDZK1 Fenofibric acid DB13873 Approved
PDZK1 Ormosil DB00742 Approved
PDZK1 Polyethylene glycols DB09287 Approved
PDZK1 Zoledronic acid DB00399 Approved
ID4 Acetaminophen DB00316 Approved
ID4 Belinostat DB05015 Approved
ID4 Dorsomorphin DB08597 Experimental
ID4 Doxorubicin DB00997 Approved
ID4 Estradiol DB00783 Approved
ID4 Panobinostat DB06603 Approved
ID4 Tamoxifen DB00675 Approved
ID4 Valproic acid DB00313 Approved
RHEB Cisplatin DB00515 Approved
RHEB Lonafarnib DB06448 Investigational
RHEB Tipifarnib DB04960 Investigational
SLPI Copper DB09130 Approved
SLPI Ormosil DB00742 Approved
SLPI Polyethylene glycols DB09287 Approved
SLPI Doxorubicin DB00997 Approved
SLPI Cyclosporine DB00091 Approved
SLPI Cisplatin DB00515 Approved
SLPI Aspirin DB00945 Approved
AKR1C2 Aspirin DB00945 Approved
AKR1C2 Cloxazolam DB01553 Experimental
AKR1C2 Diazepam DB00829 Approved
AKR1C2 Estazolam DB01215 Approved
AKR1C2 Flurbiprofen DB00712 Approved
AKR1C2 Glipizide DB01067 Approved
AKR1C2 Indomethacin DB00328 Approved
AKR1C2 Meclofenamic acid DB00939 Approved
NCOA1 Tamoxifen DB00675 Approved
NCOA2 Calcitriol DB00136 Approved
NCOA3 Rifampin DB01045 Approved
NCOA4 Troglitazone DB00197 Approved
NCOA5 Alitretinoin DB00523 Approved
PLAUR Urokinase DB00013 Approved
PLAUR Tenecteplase DB00031 Approved
PLAUR Anistreplase DB00029 Approved
PLAUR Filgrastim DB00099 Approved
PLAUR Interferon gama-1b DB00011 Approved
PLAUR Reteplase DB00015 Approved
PLAUR Alteplase DB00009 Approved
ANXA1 Desonide DB01260 Approved
ANXA1 Prednisone DB00635 Approved
ANXA1 Trastuzumab DB00072 Approved
ANXA1 Loteprednol etabonate DB14596 Approved
ANXA1 Desoximetasone DB00547 Approved
ANXA1 Hydrocortisone DB00741 Approved
ANXA1 Hydrocortamate DB00769 Approved
ANXA1 Triamcinolone DB00620 Approved
ANXA1 Prednisolone DB00860 Approved
ANXA1 Amcinonide DB00288 Approved
ANXA1 Flumethasone pivalate DB00663 Approved
ANXA1 Betamethasone DB00443 Approved
ANXA1 Methylprednisolone DB00959 Approved
ANXA1 Rimexolone DB00896 Approved
ANXA1 Halobetasol propionate DB00596 Approved
ANXA1 Dexamethasone DB01234 Approved
ANXA1 Prednicarbate DB01130 Approved