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Table 2 The arrangement of ANOVA statistics and Tukey’s HSD tests for trials in the verification process

From: Barley somatic embryogenesis-an attempt to modify variation induced in tissue culture

   MetAFLP characteristics Tissue culture conditions
TCIV SV DMV DNMV CuSO4 (µM) AgNO3 (µM) Length of induction step (days)
ANOVA F 9.117 0.192 16.997 7.009    
p 0.001 0.827 0.0001 0.004    
Trial M10 12.76a 4.34a 4.41a 1.26ab 0.1 0 21
M12 11.01b 4.22a 3.65c 0.72b 10 60 21
M13 13.66a 4.10a 3.98b 2.26a 2.95 15 28
  1. M10 states for control, whereas M12-M13 for the verification trials. TCIV, SV, DMV, and DNMV, reflect tissue culture-induced variation, sequence variation, demethylation, and de novo methylation. The a, b, and c indicate Tukey’s HSD grouping. The presented data does not include outliers that were excluded based on the Grubs test