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Table 5 Standard methods used for microbial analyses

From: Assessment of the microbiological quality of fresh produce on sale in Sicily, Italy: preliminary results

Determination Methodology Medium, temperature and incubation time
Aerobic Mesophilic Count (AMC) ISO 4833:2003 Plate Count Agar, 30°C, 72 hrs
Enterobacteriaceae ISO 21528–2:2004 Violet Red Bile Glucose Agar, 37°C, 24 hrs
E. coli β-glucuronidase positive ISO 16649–2:2010 Tryptone Bile Glucuronide Agar, 44°C, 24 hrs
Coagulase positive staphylococci ISO 6888–1:1999 Amend. 1:2003 Baird Parker Agar, 37°C, 24–48 hrs
Sulphite-reducing anaerobic organisms ISO 15213:2003 Iron Sulphite Agar, 37°C, 24 hrs
L. monocytogenes ISO 11290–2:1998 ALOA Agar, 37°C, 24–48 hrs