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Table 1 MANOVA (Pilli-test) results for stable isotopes of faeces of barking deer and four-horned antelope

From: Isotopic evidence for dietary niche overlap between barking deer and four-horned antelope in Nepal

Variables df F p
Area 2 0.474 0.872
Species × Area 2 1.353 0.227
Species 1 1.475 0.224
Season 2 3.704 0.001
Species × Season 2 2.611 0.012
  1. Statistics include the degrees of freedom (df), F-ratio (F) and their significance level (p) to show the variations in a combination of stable isotopes of faeces (δ13C, δ15N, and δ34S signatures, and %N) of the study species for study sites (area), season and their combinations.