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Table 1 Summary of the six wild Nicotiana species investigated in this study

From: Sequencing and characterization of leaf transcriptomes of six diploid Nicotiana species

Species Sections Subgenus Resistance to diseases
N. glauca Noctiflorae Petunioides BRR, An, PM, RV, TEV, TS, PVY
N. noctiflora Noctiflorae Petunioides PM, PVY
N. cordifolia Paniculatae Rustica TS
N. knightiana Paniculatae Rustica An, PM, RK, TEV, PVY
N. setchellii Tomentosae Tabacum RV, TEV
N. tomentosiformis Tomentosae Tabacum CN, RK, RV, TEV
  1. BRR black root rot, An anthracnose, CN cyst nematodes, PM powdery mildew, RK root-knot nematodes, RV rattle virus, TS tobacco streak virus, PVY potato virus Y, TEV tobacco etch virus