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Fig. 5

From: Genetic diversity of Atlantic Bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean Sea: insights from genome-wide SNPs and microsatellites

Fig. 5

EEMS analysis of 44 samples of Bluefin tuna from the Mediterranean and off Morocco coasts based on 441 SNPs from ddRAD-seq (i.e. SNPs dataset 1). Empty circles correspond to the studied geographic sites with their sizes being proportional to the number of samples analyzed in the present study. a, b Averaged, over different grids, effective migration rates (m), and diversity contour plots (q) respectively, c diagnostic plot of MCMC iterations vs log posterior of all runs (n = 15) where there is no indication of non-convergence, d scatterplot of the observed between demes pairwise genetic differences against the geographic distances of the demes (Great circle distances in Km). The coefficient of determination is indicated at the top left of the scatterplot (R2 = 0.264)

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