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Editorial Announcement

    We would like to thank all those listed below for taking the time to review for the Journal of Biological ResearchThessaloniki in 2019—your generosity is much appreciated and we hope your association with the journal continues in the future.

    Editor-in-Chief: Theodore J Abatzopoulos

    Aharon Oren

    Alessandro Chiarucci

    Alexandra Staikou

    Ana Claudia Oliveira Carreira

    Anargyros Moulas

    Andigoni Malousi

    Andriana C Kaliora

    Camilla Vieira Esteves

    Christopher M. Roundy

    David G. Harrison

    Dimitris Kardassis

    Dimitris Kontoyiannis

    Eirini Kanata

    Eleftheria Galatou

    Eleni Douni

    Eleni Nikolakaki

    Elissavet Georgiou

    Emanuela Chiarella

    Eudoxia Hatzivassiliou

    Florian Goedecke

    George Mosialos

    Grigorios Georgolopoulos

    Ilias Kappas

    Ioannis A. Giantsis

    Ioannis Vizirianakis

    Juliette K. Tinker

    Karl Duffy

    Kim B. Seroogy

    Kimon Moschandreou

    Konstantina Psatha

    Konstantinos Xanthopoulos

    Kostas Feidantsis

    Kostas Kougioumoutzis

    Makoto Noda

    Maria G Roubelakis

    Maria Lambropoulou

    Maria Starodubtseva

    Maria Touraki

    Michal Rahat

    Minas Yiangou

    Mohammad Reza Jabalameli

    Nadia Shaban

    Niel Van Wyk

    Nikoleta Karaiskou

    Panayotis Kaloyannidis

    Salih Pasa

    Sinos Giokas

    Sonia López

    Spyridon Gkelis

    Spyros Tsiftsis

    Sybille D. Reichardt

    Virginia Díez-Obrero

    Wanning Wang

    Xian-Si Zeng

    Μ. Doulberis

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