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Table 1 97 AP3/PI query sequences in 21 seed plants

From: Evolutionary divergence of motifs in B-class MADS-box proteins of seed plants

No Species AP3/PI No Species AP3/PI No Species AP3/PI
1 Gnetum gnemon GGM2 11 Carica papaya CpMADS22 16 Populus trichocarpa* PtMADS10
2 Ginkgo biloba GbMADS4    CpMADS23    PtMADS11
   GbMADS9    CpMADS24    PtMADS22
3 Amborella trichopoda LOC18424280 12 Malus domestica* MdMADS13P    PtMADS25
   LOC18448591    MdMADS31    PtMADS30*
   LOC18429933    MdMADS64    PtMADS38*
   LOC18436882    MdMADS65*    PtMADS45*
4 Oryza sativa OsMADS2    MdMADS99* 17 Linum usitatissimum Lu MADS34
   OsMADS4    MdMADS105    LuMADS67
   OsMADS16    MdMADS121*    LuMADS69
5 Zea mays ZmMADS20    MdMADS124    LuMADS74
   ZmMADS60    MdMADS127*    LuMADS94
6 Phalaenopsis aphrodite PATC133864    MdMADS131    LuMADS117
   PATC138350    MdMADS134 18 Solanum tuberosum LuMADS120
   PATC152852    MdMADS139    StMADS54
   PATC154853    MdMADS151*    StMADS61
   PATC240636 13 Cucumis sativus CsMADS21    StMADS86
7 Musa acuminata MaMADS6p    CsMADS23    StMADS112
   MaMADS14 14 Glycine max GmMADS4    StMADS145
   MaMADS71    GmMADS5    StMADS153
   MaMADS88    GmMADS6    StMADS253
8 Arabidopsis thaliana AT3G54340    GmMADS7 19 Ricinus communis RcMADS30
   AT5G20240    GmMADS8    RcMADS33
9 Vitis vinifera VvAP3_1    GmMADS9    RcMADS34
   VvAP3_2    GmMADS10 20 Manihot esculenta MeMADS45
   VvPI    GmMADS110    MeMADS46
10 Citrus sinensis CsiMADS33    GmMADS121    MeMADS47
   CsiMADS34    GmMADS133    MeMADS48
   CsiMADS35    GmMADS147    MeMADS52
   CsiMADS41    GmMADS175 21 Solanum lycopersicum TM6
   CsiMADS42 15 Nelumbo nucifera ABE11602    
   CsiMADS43    ADD25193    
   CsiMADS46    ADD25194    
  1. The name of the bolded species are significantly different in M domain. The name of the asterisks* species are significantly different in K1 domain. Gymnosperms (number 1–2) and angiosperms (number 3–21): Basal angiosperm (3. Amborella trichopoda), Monocots (4. Oryza sativa, 5. Zea mays, 6. Phalaenopsis aphrodite, and 7. Musa acuminata), and magnoliopsida and eudicots (8–21)